Oh my, can you believe it’s the first day of 2020?  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!  I cannot believe how fast time goes, not just this past year, but this past decade! We are 20% done with a century that seemed unimaginable when I was a girl! My plan is to go simpler in ALL things. I started awhile back and have even donated MANY Christmas decorations and such already. I LOVE streamlining my life.

This was a tough year, but not as tough as many have been.  And I’m so blessed to still be here and more so to actually realize that.  Many say it was a bad year and I agree there were MANY ups and downs, but you know what?  That’s life!  It’s NEVER ALWAYS up or always down and our ability to ride this roller coaster we call life with a smile on our face is what makes it worth living – knowing there is ALWAYS good to come our way.

In 2020 my wish is to accomplish my list of goals, which is NOT a resolutions list, but a realistic list of things that have needed done in my life to uncomplicate it and make it more enjoyable.  Many of the things on that list just happen to mean doing things simpler than I’ve done them before 😀  My wish is that others realize that simple IS BETTER also.  Our world has become so unnecessarily complicated!  It’s time we uncomplicate it and get back to the JOY of living it!

Every year I plan on getting more organized than the last.  😀 That said, I’m actually a fairly well organized person, a list maker and love things clean, but sometimes I do give in to the clutter when I’m not feeling great.  The one thing I do religiously though is meal plan. 

To start the year off right I sat down and made my January meal plan and even part of February.  I organized it right down to the cookbooks I’m referencing during the month for new experimental recipes and even color coded them for ease of use.  Thursdays are traditionally my C.O.R.N. (clean out refrigerator nights) because it’s also trash night, so the timing is perfect!  If I happen to miss a meal I will simply add it to an upcoming month in an attempt to clean out all my recipe scraps and notes.  My ultimate goal in 2020, at least for meal planning, is to have a WORKING menu planner full of notes that make an easy reference for future meals.


Wow, you do look super organized with your meal planning. Love the idea of CORN on trash night. Our trash day is Tuesday so I’m mulling that over though I do like a fresh start on Mondays. Simplifying sounds like a wonderful plan for the new year/decade and it looks as though you have a great start on things. Happy New Year!


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! 😀 A mid/end of the week trash day does make my C.O.R.N. easy and I’d have to rethink it if I had yours 😀 Some people laugh at me for my list making and organization, but it saves me a ton of time and money in the end.

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