I’m normally a homebody, but I DO normally shop every couple days for fresh ingredients for scratch cooking in between the home projects and we like to get out for a meal or two and see friends.  I especially miss my munchkins and seeing Janie!  BUT, being told to stay home and NOT being able to shop for the FRESH ingredients is a whole other thing!  I am NOT a can and box girl for cooking!

My ‘”STAY AT HOME” time actually began LONG before being told to at the end of February with a bad case of bronchitis. Since I was first diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and found out that my “weak” area was my respiratory tract and ANY infection which I became easily prone to, I have been a MAJOR germaphobe.  I get Howie Mandel though I believe Howard Hughes was an extremist I refuse to become.   It was PURE self preservation!  It’s how I have stayed alive all these years.  Now here we are in 2020 and I can FINALLY say, WELCOME TO MY WORLD!

SO, it occurred to me that maybe I’d feel better about all the time confined if I composed a list of everything we accomplished during that time that was not a day to day type of chore. I know I missed a few things probably, but after reading my list I’m just happy to say we didn’t just sit around and watch Netflix though there was plenty of that too! 😀

  • Grocery shopping before I knew I shouldn’t
  • A lot of television, computer and reading while I recuperated
  • cleaned out kitchen drawers
  • menu planned
  • repaired downspout drain
  • dusted and vacuumed
  • paint shelving unit to match hope chest
  • created whiskey barrel planters to cover old tree stumps
  • dusted and cleaned door jambs
  • watched Hallmark movies & shows I missed when I was in college
  • menu planned
  • rebuilt garden planters
  • started jigsaw puzzle
  • cut quilt pieces for 2 quilts
  • Farmer’s Market, NOT, but a girl can dream!
  • cleaned out photo file
  • repaired mudroom step and added missing molding pieces to mudroom
  • rebuilt and stained garage step
  • watched more Hallmark movies and shows I missed when I was in college
  • menu planned
  • added fence bottom
  • cleaned out email SPAM folder
  • paperwork and filing
  • menu planned
  • planted flowers and hummingbird vine
  • watched more Hallmark movies and binge watched shows I missed when I was in college
  • cleaned curio cabinet and washed all the crystal 
  • cleaned and washed the ceiling lights and fan globes
  • pressure washed ALL the concrete front and back
  • cleaned all the eaves and removed the wasp nests
  • cleaned and painted metal porch furniture
  • vacuumed again
  • weeded
  • cleaned out and straightened linen closet
  • menu planned
  • worked on Mirepoix quilt
  • Polished kitchen counter tops
  • worked on Christmas ornament “hooks”
  • scrubbed garden tool shed and painted it
  • organized pantry
  • set sprinklers on timer for spring watering
  • vacuumed garage and washed window curtains
  • scrubbed window awnings free of moss
  • Farmer’s Market NOT, but a girl can dream that it will resume 😀
  • Cleaned baseboards
  • planted tomatoes and zucchini
  • Cleaned out rain gutters of 5 gallons of silt
  • organized big shed
  • hubby gave blood
  • menu planned
  • still working on jigsaw puzzle
  • changed out corroded bathroom light fixture
  • scrubbed rain gutters, but they seriously need painted
  • pruned trees and eliminated volunteers out front
  • pulled weeds and “cleaned up” individual flower planters
  • tried to clean tomato cages up of rust, but had to start with fresh ones, painted the joints to prevent rust this time
  • cleaned out the refrigerators and freezers
  • cleaned oven
  • re-grouted backyard pavers
  • pruned dead growth from trees
  • weeded under those same trees
  • adjusted flower box sprinklers
  • added bolts to garden boxes
  • started Christmas pillowcases
  • cleaning and laundry…and started everything else all over again…

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