IT’S TIME FOR TUESDAY 4 hosted at TUESDAY 4. This week’s questions seem a bit random, but I’ll try for answers that make some sense.

1. What kind of restaurants do you enjoy most and why? Do you have a favorite? This is a tough question these days amid the horrors of COVID19!  I LOVE a lot of different food and restaurants, but have been spending my money mainly on local mom and pop places to help them out. Hubby and I tended to go out to lunch more often than not before, whereas now we order it and then pick it up to eat at home. We do have a favorite old historic pub that makes tremendous sandwiches.

2. Do you have a favorite cartoon from film, news or comic book? Not really!

3. Do you belong to any clubs or societies or organizations? We’re military and hubby is a lifetime member of the VFW, American Legion, 82nd Airborne Association… I’ve been on the auxiliary of several and participated in the clubs at many levels like writing their newsletters, etc…  I was also a Girl Scout Leader for several years.

4. The internet is filled with ads. Are there any ads that you enjoy seeing or hate to see?  Honestly I HATE most ads – I find most of them insulting to our intelligence.  Now if they make them positive, add a golden retriever or a cute kid that makes me smile, I’ll watch.

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