Boo, boo-hoo, make a boo-boo, boo(ze)…pick one and tell us how it relates to life lately. I actually can’t drink anymore because of my health issues, but if I could I’d choose Seagrams 7&7 or Malibu & Coke.  That said I thought this shirt was rather appropriate for the year 2020.

Do you like the color orange? Would we find this color in your home? Your wardrobe? Peach-pumpkin-tangeringe…your favorite shade of the three listed? Nope, none of the above!

October 28th is National Chocolate Day. What’s the last chocolate something you tasted? I had a couple of hubbys’ whoopers last night.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being out of this world delicious, how would you rate it? They’re good, but my ALL time favorite is See’s milk chocolate Bordeauxs. I rate them a 10+

Life is like a box of chocolates or so says Forrest Gump’s mama. Would you agree?  Aside from the pandemic fallout tell us one way this saying has played out in your life. YEP, I seriously agree.  I had an aunt who used to say, “Man plans, God laughs”.  And because she always said this to me I grew up learning to “roll with the punches”.

As October winds down tell us three things you loved about the month we’re bidding adieu. Oh this is easy!

  • Fall decorating starts.
  • The weather changes to cool and crisp.
  • Cinnamon and pumpkin are acceptable flavors!


Everyone is mentioning their love of See’s candies today. Now I’m wishing I had some in the house. I love all the flavors of fall too and am loving the weather here lately. Have a nice week!

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