NaBloPoMo ~ National blog posting month

My friend Martha posted today over at Seaside Simplicity about NaBloPoMo (National blog posting month). I too had forgotten all about it, but used to participate regularly back in the good old days of blogging.

All you have to do is post every single day for the month of November. I’ll also give it a try – no promises with the way things have been going in life, but I’ll give it a shot. I hadn’t posted today, but this may be the kick in the butt I needed and wanted to spread the word too.

NaBloPoMo no longer exists in an official form and nobody is really “in charge”, but many times individual bloggers sometimes host their own mini-NaBloPoMos. You can find these bloggers doing a search online for NaBloPloMo and the current month and year if you need to find writing prompts or ideas. For me the idea is just post something, anything (recipe, meme…) at all EVERY day!

I did find this prompts that I’m going to try and follow (though some will be out of order and combined in order to catch up) over at PINARTWORK.  They fall into the Thanksgiving type questions of gratitude and WHY AM I Here type of a category.

Day 1: If I didn’t feel shame or fear, what would I do now?
Day 2: If this was my last day, would I be satisfied with my life?
Day 3: How would I like people to remember me when I am no longer here?
Day 4: What if everything is as it should be? How would that make me feel?
Day 5: What kinds of situations do I avoid?
Day 6: What is my worst fear?
Day 7: How would I want to be encouraged right now?
Day 8: Why am I doing the things I am doing right now?
Day 9: What gives me great joy?
Day 10: What are my most important values?
Day 11: What is my biggest dream?
Day 12: What am I thankful for today?
Day 13: What or who am I beneath all my roles?
Day 14: What kinds of feelings am I feeling right now?
Day 15: What is the worst that could happen if I let go of things that no longer serve me?
Day 16: What have been the most defining moments that have helped shape my life?
Day 17: What does ‘being’ mean to me?
Day 18: What fascinates me so much that the thought of it won’t leave me alone?
Day 19: What are my best qualities?
Day 20: Where am I going and why?
Day 21: What does happiness mean to me?
Day 22: What is my life like when it is in balance?
Day 23: How or in what way do I experience myself when I’m alone?
Day 24: What kind of advice on life would I give my younger self?
Day 25: What kinds of routines/habits limit my experience of everyday life?
Day 26: What is my instinct telling me to do?
Day 27: What is my gift to the world?
Day 28: Am I focusing more on what my life looks like than on what it feels like?
Day 29: What kinds of recurring situations or people do I attract?
Day 30: Is there something in my life that makes me forget time while I’m doing it?

Anyone else want to join in the fun?  If you want to join in, but missed posting today just jump in tomorrow and do an extra post somewhere along the way. This is always a fun challenge. I hope you do it with us!  🙂


YAY! So glad you are jumping in to join the fun. Now I just hope thing settle down a bit here so I can actually follow through. It will be fun getting to spend more time blogging with you again, just like the old days 🙂

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