Day 5: What kinds of situations do I avoid? This is an easy prompt for me and especially right now with the whole world so worked up by COVID and/or the US election.  I AVOID confrontation! I’m a VERY optimistic person and can usually see both sides pretty well.  I can find positive even in the worst situations because I believe there is always something to be thankful for.

Day 6: What is my worst fear? Based on the question above, my worst fear is being put in a confrontational position. As I said I avoid those types of situations and I’m pretty easy going, but once I blow – WATCH OUT!

Day 7: How would I want to be encouraged right now? Right now, before and always I like to be encouraged by having those around me acknowledge strengths and accomplishments.  I believe in starting any conversation with a positive.  My dad taught me years ago that setting the tone for a conversation goes a long way. Even when you have something to complain about, starting positively makes the other person listen to you better. And doing it in a normal voice without arguing and yelling is even better!

Day 8: Why am I doing the things I am doing right now? This question is too open ended to even come up with an answer 😀

Day 9: What gives me great joy? Making others happy, spending time with friends and family, cooking, baking, organizing, quilting, beautiful sunsets, nature…Some of those work even better when done together.

Day 10: What are my most important values? Family, Freedom, Love, Loyalty, Humanity, Kindness, Patience, Integrity…

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