Usually the holiday season is an endless list of tasks and errands. BIG or quiet usually depends on where family members are at the time. The last several years though the holiday season has been fairly quiet, many times too quiet.  This year for obvious reasons it will be even quieter. I would PREFER a large, loud family filled Christmas with lots of goodies and partying though.

This list is are things that I usually begin right after Thanksgiving, but I thought it was a good prompt for today. I usually feel guilty that almost ALL of them are accomplished by this time.  As for this year’s prompt I do both homemade and store bought depending on what someone wants and/or needs. #5 and #8 are lacking this year because I’m missing the motivation that I hope to wake up with each day.



We’re still not sure what Christmas is going to be here. Probably quiet but I am okay with it (not the reason being due to the pandemic, of course!) for the moment. I’m with you on lacking motivation. I put our tree up last weekend and just last night started pulling out tubs to decorate it. At this rate, it’ll be New Year’s before I’m done and time to take it all down again. Hope we both find some decorating motivation soon. Happy Sunday!


LOL 😀 I was thinking the same thing about getting it together in time to take it down! I’m still thinking positive, but am okay with however it works out. Happy Sunday!


This sure will be a quiet, scaled back Christmas for us, but none of it really matters as long as my family stays healthy. I hope you find your mojo to do #5 and #8 🙂

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