Before I start this post, let me just say THESE TREES ARE JUST WRONG!! I saw these several years ago at a store I liked and I just couldn’t get over how ugly they were, at least to me. 😀

I love how a neighboring town always does their tree right in the middle of main street. I haven’t gotten over there yet this year so here’s a picture from a few years back. Carlie and Cady thought it was pretty neat.

How we decorate each year changes based on moods, weather, where we are living, pandemics etc… so it will never be the same twice! So far this year we still haven’t caught the motivation to do anything. We PREFER real trees, but back in 2017 we decided with the remodel and my surgery that we would break down and buy an artificial tree.  SHHH don’t tell hubby, but I really love this tree. We’ve alternated between the artificial and real trees since then. We’ve reached a compromise for future years – an artificial tree with real wreaths and garlands. This is a favorite tree from several years ago.

I agree with you, I don’t like the colored trees. I gave my son our full size artificial tree, I only have small ones now. I’ve been debating buying a big silver tree. My grandmother had a silver one and I always thought it was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen when I was a kid. Not sure if I will ever go for it or not. I love the big tree in town and your tree is beautiful too!


When I was a kid we had a silver one too with the 3 color electric light to shine on it. Personally, I was never a fan and I don’t like tinsel either which we also had as a kid after the silver tree, but that may just be because I was always the one that had to clean it up 😀

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