Christmas Past is a COMPLETELY subjective category. LOL 😀 I keep seeing the ghost of Christmas Past from A Christmas Carol roaming through my head.

The older I get, the more I realize that it’s the traditions and the memories that weave our holidays together. It’s little things like the who puts the lights on the tree or the angel on top of it. It’s the favorite recipes that you only make at Christmas time. It’s the laughter of the munchkins each morning as they discover what mischief the Elf has gotten into. It’s a baking day with the munchkins making your favorite traditional recipes to share on Giving plates to the neighbors…

3 years ago was a VERY unusual Christmas for us with my surgery and it’s life altering outcome, but we did follow many of our normal traditions like putting up the tree, Christmas Eve service with our neighbor who attended the same church and Christmas Eve dinner at a friends (even if I couldn’t eat anything 😀 ). Two years was a little more “normal”, whatever that is. And last year I felt like I was getting my “normal” back and looked forward to the traditions and even the stresses of the holiday.  Then there is this year during the pandemic that is changing EVERYTHING! It is also making the PAST seem like a cake walk.

This category for me is also subjective based on where we are living at the time. We are in the cold of the Pacific Northwest, but it’s kinda dry this year.  A couple of my favorite Christmases were when we were in Upper Peninsula, Michigan.  Maybe it was the trees, the water and the snow, but for me it was also the old churches.  There is so much history there. 

These are 2 of my favorite country churches from Michigan.  I took these pictures in 2011 at Christmas time ON THE SAME DAY, just minutes apart. That’s how fast weather changes with lake effect snow!

I JUST LOVE OLD CHURCHES! The bottom 3 pictures are from a REALLY neat old stone church in the middle of town.
But, my favorite country church is from a teeny tiny little town called Mansfield. It was once a growing little town until there was a mine disaster.  Now all that exists is the monument to the disaster, the church and a few random homes.

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