And so the  A to Z challenge begins. Be sure and check it out. There are so many people joining in with a myriad of themes!

My theme for this year is Rail Art. My recent epiphany that photographing Rail Art for me is like someone who is drawn to storm chasing never held more true than last night as I was trying to decide on my first image and had so many to choose from.

Living in a small lumber town we see the lumber trains crossing through town at least once a day, but usually twice – one in each direction and when we’re lucky 3 or even 4 times. My BIGGEST challenge is being in the right place at the right time 😀

I decided to try and find a train term for each day of the challenge and today was super easy – ALL ABOARD for the A to Z challenge! I even found this great panda bear to be our conductor 😀 The phraseAll aboard!” is said as a warning or last call before departure, especially before a ship or train leaves. I believe he’s channeling the “alien” ghost head of a former conductor from the picture below.

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