A friend asked me recently why I don’t list my entire meal on my menu plan.  I told her it was because I never know what I will be serving with it until I go to the store.  She was surprised and shocked I went to the store more than once a week.  Since I only cook from scratch, including the sides and vegetables, I shop 2-3 times a week so I am using the freshest of produce.  I don’t want to list broccoli as my vegetable and then not like the way it looks at the market and switch to carrots.

So my question is, how often do you grocery shop?


I try to go to the store once a week but sometimes I can stretch it to every two weeks depending but my husband makes last minute runs to a small market so it depends. With a teenage and young adult son living here, I could probably grocery shop every day if I had the time/desire to do it.


LOL I remember those days – teenage boys can truly eat you out of house and home before you even unpack the last bag! 😀

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