We also both have “wish” lists, but they are really small as we really don’t need anything so once again we are always looking for the special item that will surprise the other. 😀 My list for this year hasn’t changed much since last year has AGAIN been so full of pandemic drama and unanswered questions.


Nice list! I can’t think of a thing I really want. I visited my son over Thanksgiving and loved his coffee- he grinds his beans every night for the morning coffee and uses a simple drip system. I told him that drip system might be a nice gift for me- just a ceramic cup you insert a paper filter and your coffee grounds in and pour boiling water over. Of course I have no tea pot any more so guess that is a need if I get the drip system lol! My youngest gifts me a nice planner every year- it’s in a cardboard box under my tree now. Since I’m still working, I can pretty much buy anything I want and I do! Do you have children? I have 3 and 2 older grandsons- senior in HS and sophomore in college, a 7 1/2 year old GD, 3 year old GS and a new baby boy to be born in March. New one belongs to my son- he’s 47 and she’s 42 so we’re pretty excited!


Congratulations on your new little one, they are always so precious. I usually just get what I “need” or want also, but have left some of these things from year to year for hubby to think about and because while I want them, mine are still hanging on 😀 and are old favorites. I just finished the shipping boxes for the boys and will take them to town tomorrow.

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