I know many parents are tired of ELF on the SHELF, are you? I love the idea and would make a list each year of the antics they would get into that year so I was always prepared and hopefully didn’t repeat myself!

My munchkins have grown up fast! 2 of 3 of them “KNEW”, but the youngest still believed and we tried keeping the elf/nisse tradition alive another year! BUT, the her teacher told the whole class! Who does that? I was soooooo mad! First off it wasn’t her place to tell the kids and what kind of person, especially a teacher, steals a child’s belief of anything?

Last year I discovered Julenisser, a Nordic tradition, to replace our previous Elf on a Shelf.   I can’t find that a Julenisser is actually given a name, but I’m winging it here. 😀 The nisse is one of the most familiar creatures of Scandinavian folklore. Last year we had Bailey, but this year we’re bringing back Annabelle and her pet reindeer, Alvin.

In Solvang, a Danish community, they actually do a Nisse Adventure like a scavenger hunt and Danish style JuleFest celebration throughout the month of December.

In Denmark there is a serious subculture regarding the Christmas elves and gnomes known as Julenisser. They live in forests and eat fruits and berries throughout the year before they come spend the month of Christmas with your family. They have BIG hearts and ARE magical! They love to play tricks on you and your family.

I know some people begin the day after Thanksgiving, but for us December 1st was always the beginning, though now that the munchkins all know I put them out already this year.

For several years we did an Elf on the Shelf for the munchkins. Each year since we’ve done a “cousin” elf so it wasn’t the same elf every year. I know many parents are dreading that darned elf every year and having to come up with 24 DIFFERENT scenarios that are different from the previous year!

So when do you begin? Do you have unique names for your elf? Or do you have a Julenisser?

Here are a few of my favorite previous pictures:


It was an unfortunate situation and unfortunately he did know what he was doing. Disgruntled is the best word to describe him. Many parents went to the school board and he no longer teaches in this district. It was just after returning to in school teaching the year after a COVID break, but none the less it was a class full of tender ages (9-10) and beliefs were squashed because of the callous way he did it 🙁


That’s so sad about the teacher telling the whole class. I’m going to try and give her the benefit of the doubt that it was either on accident or due to an issue but still sad no matter what. You could always tell the youngest munchkin that teachers *can* be wrong (They can!) and perhaps the teacher was wrong about all that. It is a fun tradition even if they do know.

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