When do you decorate outside for Christmas? Do you do lights all over the house? Do you do blow ups? How about wreaths? Decorate a special tree in the yard?

While I do decorate indoors before Thanksgiving, we DO wait to do outdoors until the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year is especially frustrating for hubby as he had eye surgery last week and is under serious restrictions for a bit and couldn’t do his normal outdoor stuff yet!

We haven’t done the eave lights or the BIG lighted wreath yet because of his restrictions and not being able to do ladders, but I did get the blow-ups in place and tied down, got the gnome stakes in place, changed the porch light bulbs to the red and green as well as went bought locally made wreaths over the Shop Small weekend. We started the walkway lights today, but the weather had other ideas. We went from the sun coming out and removing layers to a comfortable sweatshirt 5 minutes before the next wave moved in with wind, snow flurries and then pouring rain. It was all over in 30 minutes and I was able to get a couple pictures before it began raining again LOL, but by then the temps were down again into the low 30’s so we called it a day 😀 I will get more pictures as we go along and weather permits.

11-29 update: we were able to get the white “landing” lights up for Santa before it started raining yet again. We’;; try for a few more lights on Thursday since tomorrow’s rain is supposed to be quite heavy.

Our neighbor takes note (and pictures) of what we do each year. It has “almost” become a competition (all in good fun) with each other. Here’s a picture from last year:



I’m so glad you are! It is always more fun with more people. Our north pole sign is really worn out and has to be helped each day to stand up so I ordered a new one and it will be here Saturday. Ironically, it comes with a SNOWMAN and a penguin! 😀


Love all the snowmen decorations! Grand prize to you! Ha, you’ll have to read my post to see what I mean by grand prize. I’m really enjoying playing along with Blogmas this year.

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