My husband would tell you I never met an ornament I didn’t like. He would also tell you that our tree is going to collapse under the weight of all of the sentimental and treasured ornaments. 😀 What he forgets is that MOST of our family has made me the “safety deposit box” for all things nostalgic.

One of our favorite shows was THE BIG BANG THEORY which always makes me laugh as I picture Penny asking about Sheldon’s Ornament Placement Template. LOL There is no such thing as a proper way to place an ornament in our house 🙂 We believe in the more the merrier theory.

The ornaments below are some of our homemade bulbs.  Several years ago I made quite a few and then did them with my girl scout troop also. Hubby liked them so well that we have now donated all our store bought bulbs and made MORE than enough of these for the entire tree.

My cousin that passed away in 2014 made the ornament below for me.  It will always be hung by my shooting stars in her honor even though I’m still mad at her for leaving the mess called A HOUSE FROM HELL for me to deal with as well as her father who swindled us out of more than $75,000 dollars and 3 years of our life, but that’s NOT a story for Christmas time.
And our handmade ornament by Design Chick Creations.

I do have MANY favorite indoor decorations. Hubby and I agree on outdoor decorations, mostly generic and none that are very sentimental, but indoor decorations are mainly hand me downs and sentimental so I am more particular about them AND their placement.

My newest addition that I absolutely adore is my Scentsy nativity. I tried to buy it last year, but they sold out almost immediately. My concultant searched all year for one from her sources and then informed me they were bringing it back by popular demand. So, I was on line the minute they went on sale this year to make sure I didn’t miss out again.

What about you? Do you have favorite decorations and ornaments? Are they hand me downs from family?


Thank you! They were so much fun to make and always remind me of my girl scouts from years past. I even made them for gifts a few years. I will keep that thought about your new tree in mind. When we take the tree down this year I am going to inspect well for any possible repair needs and plan on keeping this one for as long as possible!!!!!


Those handmade bulbs are beautiful! Our newer tree doesn’t hold the ornaments nearly as well as our old giant “branch by branch assembly” tree ever did. So, you might keep that collapse comment of your husband’s in mind if you ever shop for a new tree. Your tree is very beautiful. Loved hearing about all the special decorations.

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