What Everybody Ought to Know about Chips Ahoy and many other shelved foods

I ran across this post about store bought cookies over at Snack Snoop and thought I’d share it with you. As many of you know I’m HUGE believer in cooking and baking from scratch because of my own health concerns and because I have truly been ordered by my doctor to do so. That said, read the article and draw your own conclusions.
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I always wonder how long those cookies have sat on the shelf, but since cookies aren’t my favorite dessert, I usually don’t buy them anyway. Well, girl scout cookies. I buy those, and I know they are loaded with preservatives, but it’s only once a year. My kids love to make homemade cookies. Me? I’d rather eat ice cream!

Pop Art Diva

Yup, exactly why they don’t taste like home made too! I honestly cannot eat store bought cookies aside from an occasionally Oreo (which is probably one of the worst for you – seriously, what is that white stuff made from???)

I am single so making an entire batch of cookies means eating that whole batch in one day because a) I don’t waste food and b) cookies taste best fresh. However, I still make up a triple batch of my favs, roll the dough into balls and freeze it! Then I can take out a few at a time and bake them fresh! I taste no difference in them at all. If I bake them then freeze them the cookie suffers but not if I freeze the raw dough.

My two favorites are linked here at my website: CORAL ISLAND COOKIES and MOM’S GINGER SNAPS and both freeze great!

I also love popcorn but not microwaved – ick! I make mine the old fashioned way and just tried out Home Made Kettle Corn and loved it – plus they’ve discovered popcorn is good for you, whaddya know??

Thanks for stopping by The PopArtDiva Blog and I hope you didn’t spend too much time on those websites, lol!


Hi, just had to leave a comment for you because of your wonderful blog ! I’ve really enjoyed reading your interesting and creative posts, and you have fabulous pictures as well. Best wishes and thank you for sharing them all ….