Misty Dawn

Whiskey is an absolutely gorgeous Golden! Beautiful beyond words. As I’ve said before, when I come visit, I sure hope you let them snuggle with me on the furniture 😉

Faye Pekas

Yep we are all witnesses. He/she is NOT in the chair. Beautiful dog. If we ever get another dog, the golden lab is on the top of my list for breeds I would want.


Aww how could anyone make him move. Such a sweetie. Followed your link from Camera Critters and see your also participating in Leah’s Giving Thanks. Very pretty blog!


Nothing can grab your heat and hold it like children and Golden Retrievers. Their faces are just so expressive!

We can’t keep Aphrodite off the furniture either. I’ve given up trying. She and hubby play a game where she pretends to listen, but the second he gets off his chair, she jumps right in. Then he has to growl and she’ll ignore him. He’s worse than a kid!