Thursday Thirteen
Thank you Janet and Megan for resurrecting it!
13 projects worked on last week with issues and the revised list for this week.
  1. Texture coat for linen effect stairwell walls DONE
  2. Texture coat for linen effect Amber’s bedroom walls. changed our minds – decided to paint only DONE
  3. Paint stairwell. DONE
  4. Paint Amber’s bedroom. DONE
  5. Hang Oak Quilt Hanger Bars. DONE
  6. Close dining room ceiling now that upstairs shower leak is fixed. NEXT WEEK ~ HELD OVER DUE TO WEATHER
  7. Finish upstairs bathroom molding. NEXT WEEK
  8. Paint Upstairs bathroom. NEXT WEEK
  9. Repair bedroom wall from electrician and texture coat over repair and then paint it. NEXT WEEK
  10. Finish caulking seams on downstairs bathroom ceiling. DONE
  11. Paint downstairs bathroom. DONE
  12. Take weekend off to watch playoff games. DONE
  13. Work on quilt for stairwell. DONE
We ran into quite a few issues last week that slowed us down so getting 9 out of 13 done was actually quite an accomplishment and then we accomplished 3 from this week’s list too making it 14 out of 13 – even better.
  1. Measure counter tops in kitchen and calculate butcher block. ALREADY DONE
  2. Close dining room ceiling now that upstairs shower is finished.
  3. Finish upstairs bathroom molding.
  4. Paint Upstairs bathroom.
  5. Repair bedroom wall from electrician and texture coat over repair and then paint it.
  6. Calculate bead board needed to finish master bedroom. ALREADY DONE
  7. Repair hole in baseboard from the electrician.
  8. Fix broken stair tread that should have been on the house disclosure, but wasn’t. ALREADY DONE
  9. Build trim work for stairway out of recycled trim from the barn. DONE
  10. Build anchor board for the top banister. DONE
  11. Paint stairway banister spindles.
  12. Paint stair treads with a double coat of heavy duty paint with non-slip granules so I don’t fall and break my tail bone again. We picked a brick red called Chianti.
  13. Repair casing woodwork in Studio.
  14. Clean up all paint drops from floors.
  15. Feed hardwood floors.
  16. Make new MUST DO HOUSE list.

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Oh good heavens Tamy. Your list IS as long as mine .
Number 6 sounds interesting. I LOVE bead board. Did you post that somewhere? Number 14 is soooo me. I don’t care what kind of mess I make when I paint , I worry about it later 🙂


Wow! That’s a lot of work. You’re doing great to get all the things done that you have so far. Good luck with the rest of it, and don’t forget to take some time for yourself!


OK- so I thought my lists were bad! Our house is a never ending project, so when I get fed up, I’ll be sure to check your lists! 🙂