House Update ~ Chronicles of a Bungled Real Estate Deal ~ Stairway ~ Part 5E ~ Sneak Peek

It really never occurred to us that the stairway may take an entire week to complete. With needing to primer and then paint we figured it would take 2 coats of paint. We were wrong though, it’s going to take 4 coats in some areas. The paint in those areas was soooooooooooo dull and dry, it must be decades old. So here is a sneak peek at what the new colors will look like. As you can see I haven’t been neglecting my blogging, just spending my time elsewhere this week.

Ijust love this new color, Chianti! We are painting the stairs and entry floor in stages so we can go up and down okay, but the paint dries fairly quickly so we should be done by Monday! YAY!!

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