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Dickens likes to sit in front of heat registers while Sady will crawl in under any blanket and sweatshirt she can find.

If the sun is shining you might find them both curled up in front of the window.

But Dickens has found a new hiding place on this shelf, which is where you will find her a good deal of the time when the BIG black one is in the house. She never knocks anything off either.
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Wonderful photo and post. I always wonder how my fur babies get up and down on things without breaking anything. And, then with one swipe of the tail … that’s the end of that!

Wandering Coyote

I love seeing other people’s cat pictures! You have beautiful cats! My roommate’s cat sits on the heat vent all the time, it’s her fave spot. My cat, Juno, seems to love boxes and dirty laundry – go figure.