Crunchy Squid’s Head for Cultural Connection

Time for Cultural Foods again, hope you do have something to show us and what your culture is.
I’d say that one of my favorite seafood is the squid. And nothing goes to waste. These are the extra squid’s heads that I didn’t include when I made the Calamares (sorry forgot to take a pic of it). Although, cooked almost in the same manner with the Calamares, this one’s more fun to eat and munch.
You simply coat the squids’ heads with corn starch or any coating or breading mix of your choice. For this one I used the Ajinomoto’s spicy breading mix ‘coz I find it more appetizing and so with my family and friends who had partaken them too. Anyway, after coating the heads, simply deep fry in a hot vegetable or any cooking oil of your choice until the desired crunchiness and color. And voila! Dip into vinegar with garlic and a dash of black pepper. And BTW, dipping our foods fried in oil is very common here, as it is believed to take away the oil away from them, thus still maintaining a healthy body.
So, come on! Join now and get cultured…


Hahaha…let me come to your kitchen Martha and I’ll cook some for you, I know you’ll enjoy it. Great finger foods. I promise you, LOL.