When do you open presents? This category has changed a lot over the years.  My family traditions of a BIG Christmas eve from when I was a kid carried on through college, but as we got older and got families of our own, parents passed on, blended families (with their own traditions) were formed, etc… getting together for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day became harder and harder to do.  Eventually for me it became more and more Christmas morning only which is fine by me.

I’m really enjoying reading your Blogmas posts. We open our presents on Christmas day but my mom always let me pick one present to open on Christmas Eve and so now I do that with my boys except I don’t let them pick the present. Their Christmas Eve presents are always new pajamas and a Christmas book. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


I love the new pajamas idea. My girl friend does that with her little ones too. They always look so adorable in their matching PJs! 😀 I really enjoy doing the BLOGMAS posts, especially this year brought back some great memories while I have been recuperating.

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