I’ve been doing a quarterly update of the MAIN list I made last January to participate with Jean and I’d never thought about making one that was seasonally specific to holiday menus and events, but I really like the idea that Jean got from her friend, Rebecca at Rebecca’s Hearth and Home. So here’s my Fall 2022 list.


  • Plant the mums that my friend gave me for my birthday and clean out whiskey barrel planters in prep for winter.
  • Prep outside patio furniture and BBQ for winter months.
  • Deep clean oven and refrigerators.
  • Fall trip to coast with hubby for my birthday.
  • Go to the Harvest Festival at the fairgrounds.
  • Go to the Christmas Craft Fair at the fairgrounds
  • Deep clean bird bath and hummingbird feeders.
  • Sort through ALL clothes and donate EVERYTHING that doesn’t fit or I just don’t care for anymore.
  • Finish cleaning out pantry, freezer and seasonings to start fresh in the new year.
  • Clean out and cover garden beds as soon as zucchini and tomato plants are done – probably in about 2 weeks.
  • Bake something once a week from my new cookbook.
  • Try a new and challenging cooking or baking technique every week.
  • Start indoor herb garden so I have them for the winter.
  • Learn YOGA.
  • Take ALL Sundays completely off to watch football, NASCAR, snuggle up and read or WHATEVER I want for that 1 day a week.

Do you have any specific plans for the FALL?


Thank you. I hope your weekend is beautiful there. Ours has warmed up a bit, but will be dropping back down next week – perfect time to work on the garden this weekend and the barrel clean-up. We should start getting more regular rain as we roll into October. I bet you did better on the BIG list than you think you did. Plus there’s still 3+ months of the year left 😀


Great list! I love the idea of an indoor herb garden and taking 1 day a week for whatever you want sounds like a wonderful idea. You reminded me as well, I probably do need to go back and review that list I made way back in January. Probably avoiding it because I know I’ve not done so great with it this year. Hope you have a fantastic Saturday!

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