Several years ago I bought my mom one of those books, “What my family should know”.  She has been great about getting it all filled in though I already pretty much know where she keeps everything, but not everyone does.  It really doesn’t matter how old we are either.  If you have kids you need to be organized and prepared which brings me to my point today.  Have you seen the new Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel movie, “Life as we know it”?
I don’t think it got very good reviews, but I thought it was cute and it proves my point here.  As parents, having those ducks in a row, wills in place, insurances paid up, college funds in place, god parents chosen and prepared are essential.  OOPS, that’s kind of what this movie is about – the parents forgot to mention the plans to the god parents and get them prepared.  
In the end we can always work it out, but life moves so much smoother if we’re prepared.  So if you need a cute rental, I recommend this movie to lighten your mood and maybe it will help you get more prepared.