I hope you all had a beautiful mother’s day! Ours was a very pretty day.  We took SIL to lunch and did a little shopping before we had a relaxing afternoon ending with dinner in front of the TV and a couple old movies, Fried Green Tomatoes and When Harry Met Sally.

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GOOD MORNING sweet friends.  This will be a super abbreviated post for me as we’re on the road today to our 3rd leg of this trip, a relaxing stay at SIL’s Lake House before we head out to visit with hubby’s elderly father and the actual family reunion.

I hope you had as great a week as we did!  This was a MUCH NEEDED vacation.  BTW, the Winchester Mystery House was a fantastic tour day and I will share a post with pictures when we get back 😀

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW & THE WEATHER OUTSIDE & WHAT I’M WEARING It’s cool here and absolutely gorgeous, but will be 20 degrees warmer at the lake!  I have some well worn Levi’s with cute campy t-shirt, sweatshirt and pops on.

ON THE BREAKFAST PLATE Honey Nut Cheerios, mixed berry yogurt and hot water

AS I LOOK AROUND THE HOUSE, WEEKLY TO DO LIST, HOUSE & CRAFT PROJECTS, APPOINTMENTS – Nothing but FUN this week! Some old friends are driving in to have breakfast with us on Friday morning and my niece is bring my newest nephew  to meet me on Saturday!

ON MY MIND / THINGS THAT ARE MAKING ME HAPPY Looking forward to seeing FIL this week as he is now in hospice and we cherish every visit knowing it may be the last 🙁

I’M READING My friend loaned me 3 books for the trip – Diane Chamberlain’s Summer Child and The Midwife’s Confession as well as Kristin Hannah’s Night Road. It will be the perfect reading for vacation 😀 though I have to admit I have yet to start anything.

WHAT IS ON THE DVR, I LIKE OR ON THE LIST TO WATCH ?? will see when we return

FAVORITE PHOTO FROM THE CAMERA SIL saves up her IT technological stuff until we visit and then I adjust, alter, download or teach whatever she needs – so far we’ve done the phone lessons in the wonderful sunshine by the frog pond and hubby happened to capture me instructing her on removing the alarm on her phone 😀



MENU PLANS FOR THE WEEK Zero plans as we’re still on vacation, but I will be making a Loaded Baked Potato Salad for the pot Luck on Saturday night and will share the recipe once we get back 😀


Last week My Farm Style Meatloaf was featured over at Thursday Favorite Things!

Rebecca L Knox

I’m running a bit behind this week, Tamy, but it sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip! I’m so glad! Love the pic of you and your sil by the frog pond! Enjoy the visit with your fil and enjoy every minute of your vacation! Blessings! <3

Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

Hey Sweetie – I can’t believe you found time for a post. You are on vacation Lady – just enjoy!! Lol
But i love the Mom quote. And I can’t wait to see the post about Winchester in the future. Intrigues me
Safe travels and enjoy the rest of your trip!! ❤️ Blessings xo


I am so glad you have had a wonderful trip! Enjoy your time at the lake house!!! I really can not wait to see your pictures of the Winchester Mystery House! I am so glad you enjoyed it so much! Praying for your father in law! I hope you and your hubby enjoy your time! Be safe traveling home! Hope you have a great week!


Sounds like you are already having a wonderful trip. Your inspiration and humor for the week is great. Hope you have a super week and a great time seeing family!


I’m going to have to check out that chicken taco casserole recipe! I tend to crock pot more in the summertime than I do in the cold season because I have less time to cook! I hope you have a good trip and a good visit. Be safe!


I saw some of your photos on Instagram….wow I’ve always wanted to visit the Winchester house. Glad you enjoyed it.

Your menu looks yummy, especially those chicken bites. Have a blessed weekend my friend 🙂


Sarah Winchester may have been eccentric, but she was also quite innovative and woman well before her time. I’ll do a more extensive post when we get back. The chicken bites were my favorite recent recipe! Have a GREAT week.

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