Kitchen Wishes at tHe KrAzY KiTcHeN

While living here in the middle of nowhere one of my go to places is King Arthur Baking for specialty foods and dreaming. Have I mentioned I can’t wait to get back amongst the real world? Soon, very soon! In the meantime here are a few more items I dream about. Everything here today is from King Arthur Baking except the Cast Iron Cobbler pans which are from Gooseberry Patch.

This will be a dream for pie baking. Push apple through cutter to make eight 1” slices (good for snacking). Click to adjust cutter to make sixteen ½” slices (perfect for baking: pie, cobbler, crisp).

These individual cast iron cobbler pans from Gooseberry Patch will make good use of those thin slices also.

This Glazed Ceramic Pie Plate will make some great looking pies with those apples. I also want to use those pieces to make some individual caramel apples like these.

And these bake and takes will be awesome for the upcoming Bread Round Up and Gift giving this holiday season.

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