Before I start this post, let me just say THESE TREES ARE JUST WRONG!!

And I love how a neighboring town always does their tree right in the middle of main street. Carlie and Cady thought it was pretty neat.

Now on to our trees and decorations.  How I decorate each year changes based on my mood, weather, where we are living, etc… so it will never be the same twice!

We PREFER real trees, but last year we decided with the remodel and my surgery that we would break down and buy an artificial tree.  SHHH don’t tell hubby, but I really love this tree.

This year we have a real tree again and while it smells real I’m missing the artificial tree.   We’ve reached a compromise for next year – artificial tree with real wreaths and garlands. 😀

This is my Snowman Family arranged from 2 different years.
We made candle yule logs for Advent craft night at church one year and they were a HUGE success and soooooooo easy to do.  The decorations below are a few of my newer favorites.
My cousin that passed away in 2014 made this ornament for me.  From now it will always be hung by my shooting stars in her honor even though I’m still  mad at her for leaving the mess called A HOUSE FROM HELL for me to deal with.
And our handmade ornament by Design Chick Creations.


I can’t help it, I kind of like the “wrong” Christmas trees up there. I can just imagine them in a themed room somewhere, maybe the pink on in a little girl’s play room with a Princess theme. The purple one for a K-State fan (their colors are purple and white). Anyway, I do love your tree as well and all those great decorations. Looks like each of your decorations tell a special story. And what a cute snowman family, did you make it?


I have to admit you’re right! With a theme they would be cute. A nice lime green would make a cute grinch theme. Thank you – I do make the snowmen and am trying to add to them each year. 😀


I like the themed idea – maybe a lime green one for a Grinch theme would be okay? Thank you and yes I made the snowman family. I try to add a new member every year or so.

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