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Last week’s predicted storm for this week stalled and is now due next weekend. So, our night times have been clear with bitterly low cold temps, at least for here!  Friday night got down to 23°. Lately it’s been the bone chilling cold, you know the wet cold that sinks into your actual bones and keeps you cold. I’ll take single digit temperatures any day, if they’re the dry cold like we used to get back in the U.P. 😀 Mind you I’m not complaining as we like the cold and I’m more than thankful to NOT be in Buffalo New York having to clear away 6 feet of snow!

This week is supposed to have highs in the high 40’s and lows in the low 30’s with the “S” word working its way into the forecast for next weekend which is still a bit early for us, but I do remember early December 2013… I’m still layering BIG time. I’m hoping the storm holds off until at least Saturday afternoon so hubby and I can get the outside Christmas decorations done on Friday and Saturday.

I’m working my way through trying on each and every piece of clothing and making piles to donate. And because it has been so freaking cold outside I’m taking this opportunity to spring clean early for “THE GREAT CLUTTER CLEAN OUT” and continue sorting and amassing things to go in the spring garage sale. It really does feel good to be FINALLY downsizing things once and for all.

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? Are you having a large gathering or just a small get together? Turkey or something else on your menu? We are actually going out for the first time ever and believe it or not I’m looking forward to it.

This meme really spoke to me. As a child my dad was a crucial part of my holidays and my love of cooking, plus his birthday was just before Thanksgiving every year.

This is the 30th year of celebrating the holiday season without him 🙁 He was such a BIG part of the celebrations. He was the organizer and usually the cook as we generally hosted.

You never get over the loss of a loved one, you just move on, but he was so young! I still use some of his menus every year for the holidays and with going out this year will REALLY miss them, especially his sourdough herb dressing and giblet gravy. I recreated the dressing recipe several years ago at my brother’s request and I think I nailed it!

As always hot water, but I’m trying oatmeal again because it’s been so bitterly cold!llllllllllll

  • LAUNDRY & CLEANING I did a deep clean last Thursday as we had friends coming for dinner so things are pretty tidy, but I do have a couple loads of laundry to do.
  • GROCERIES & ERRANDS Hubby is having eye surgery on tomorrow and we asked for as late of a surgery and arrival time as possible because it is in a town over an hour away. It will be a bit icy that morning because it’s been so bitterly cold. BUT, we were given an arrival time of 7AM!!!! Everyone I speak with keeps passing the buck to someone else! It’s so frustrating dealing with anything/anyone medical these days! Besides that I have just a couple of errands to do this week and I’ll do them on Wednesday when I go for my pedicure. Friday our local Christmas tree farm opens and I will go and select a couple wreaths for the front door area. Saturday is “shop small” day downtown and I will go and do my part for shopping local. I hope to finish my Christmas shopping.
  • PAPERWORK, PHONE CALLS & PROJECTS Not much this week with the holiday! I even had problems reaching departments on last Friday! One “remote” call center operator for the VA told me I should wait and call back in 2 weeks right after she told me she couldn’t help me scheduling a couple appointments and that was after I’d been on hold 20 minutes! It is soooooooooo frustrating lately!
  • RECIPE RESEARCH & MENU PLANNING I’m still trying to keep it simple and work from the freezer and pantry. I also ran across several more cookbooks with recipes marked that I want to try soon so will be building next week’s menu from those.

  • NETFLIX NCIS reruns – we’re up to the end of season 15
  • AMAZON PRIME How I Met Your Mother reruns
  • CABLE The new show Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone started last night and we’re going to give a try. . COOKING SHOWS The Big Bake, Christmas Baking, Christmas Cookies, Guy’s Game Night, Girl Meets Farm COMEDIES Young Sheldon and Ghosts POLICE/MEDICAL/DRAMAS NCIS series – regular, LA and Hawaii, Chicago series – Med, Fire and PD, Blue Bloods, FBI series – regular, Most Wanted and International, Law & Order series – regular and SVU, Rookie & Rookie Feds, The Resident, New Amsterdam, The Good Doctor, Fire Country, Yellowstone and Tulsa King  SYFY/FANTASY Quantum Leap, La Brea, The Walking Dead REALITY Amazing Race HALLMARK Christmas movies

I have been falling asleep as my head hits the pillow each night, so I haven’t read much at all lately. I’m still working on Beyond the Moonlit Sea by Julianne Maclean.


I was able to get these cushions “re” wrapped for winter storage yesterday. Momma cat and the kittens were trying to stay warm during this cold spell and tore up the original wrappings. They like this window area in the corner of the patio. There’s a floor vent near there and I think it actually keeps them a bit warm.

We went and fed the peacocks a bunch of stale bread crumbs and granola over the weekend. They seemed super hungry and appreciative too.


What beautiful photos, quotes and text. Your blog is a party. I especially like the peacocks. And so many peacocks together.

So cold? That’s incredible. Here in the Netherlands it is too hot for the time of year due to global warming. As a child I experienced cold winters. Then I really liked that. But now I am happy with the somewhat ailing winters due to the high cost of gas in Europe.

No thanksgiving in Europe.


Thank you so much! What a sweet compliment. The weather changes everywhere are so strange to us all. I’m glad the winters are a bit better for you now. I guess the cyclic changes are to be expected as we get older… I’d never really thought about Thanksgiving being primarily a United States type thing, though I think many countries have some form of a Harvest celebration, which is essentially what Thanksgiving is. I hope your wek has been going well.

Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

Hello my Lovely!
Doing some cooking and prepping for Thanksgiving already. Annie has the flu! ugh!! But keeping her quarrantined and everyone seems fine – so fingers crossed I’m still hosting things. It’s supposed to get more mild here too. The weather has sure seemed all over the place. I think of lots of loved ones this time of year – but especially my ex. His bday is right before Thanksgiving. This holiday was his fave. And Monday would have been 28 years ago we were engaged. Sigh. But those moments don’t sting like they used to. I feel so blessed and healed in so many ways. And of course Matt is so wonderful and makes me really happy too.

I love all of your inspirations and tips as always. Especially the tomato one. Blessings on your week ahead and have a very healthy and Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo


So sorry to hear Annie is under the weather. I hope she rallies by Turkey time and you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. So glad you’re healing and moving forward, that will make each and ever holiday better and better not to mention the day to day life 😀

Carol Slater

I wanted my husband and I to go out this year, but he wants a home cooked Thanksgiving. I am unsure as to how he thinks that will happen, but he can figure it out as I am not doing all of that due to my foot. I am only 8 weeks past surgery and I am not pushing to cook a huge meal. It will only be three of us here and he already has a turkey and a ham thawing. The man is ridiculous when it comes to the food he wants and he will understand once he has to cook and do dishes.


I’m laughing my butt off comment. I read it to my husband and he joined in with the laughing. He said he knew better than to try and take my place to do a home cooked meal and was glad we were going to change things up this year. 😀 Smart man my hubby, truly has faith in the “Happy Wife, Happy life” adage. I hope your hubby does well and you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving.


As always your pictures are so yummy!!!
I want to give you lots of hugs, I understand loss and you are so right, we never get over it we just learn to live with it. My mother went to heaven very long ago and I miss her dearly.
I hope your Thanksgiving is happy and I am so glad we are blogging friends 🙂


Thank you so much! Hugging you right back my blogging friend. I hope your mother and my dad are having Thanksgiving together in Heaven. Have a GREAT week and Happy Thanksgiving! 😀


Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, it is very hard with missing loved ones around the holidays no matter how long they’ve been gone. Your tomato/ketchup life tip up there made me laugh. I’d heard the fruit/fruit salad part before never the ketchup section. Better build those kittens a winter house (think I’ve seen these made from old storage tubs maybe)! Have a great week.


We plan on having a quiet, but fun Thanksgiving with lots of football too 😀 Ironically I did build them a “house” of sorts out of the rolling car, an old long under the bed tote, some flannel sheets, an old quilted mattress cover, the patio cushions and some old runner rugs 😀 Hubby says they are so spoiled, but that’s okay by me! The ketchup part was what caught my eye too! Have a GREAT week.

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